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How do I file taxes online?

Did you know that last year, nearly 90% of all tax returns in Canada were filed online? Filing taxes online is convenient, easy, and secure – and when you file with TurboTax online, you can be sure that your taxes will be done right – TurboTax is always up-to-date with all the latest tax changes, and automatically checks more than 400 credits and deductions for you. And, all of our tax software is CRA certified for 2018 NETFILE program, so you can file your taxes online and get your refund in an average of 8 business days.

Step 1 – Collect all information you need, before filing taxes online

To successfully fill out your return, you’ll want to collect all the information you need prior to filing your tax return online.

You’ll need all your tax information slips and income statements such as T4s, T4As, and T3s. If you have not received any slips you’ll need to complete your tax return, contact your employer or check your CRA My Account to access your records via Auto-fill my return.

With the CRA’s Auto-fill my return, getting organized is easy! It helps you get a jumpstart on your taxes by enabling you to securely download your most up-to-date and accurate tax slips from the CRA then it automatically imports the information directly to where it belongs in your return. You save time and frustration by not searching for your slips and entering box numbers.

Info you can import via Auto-fill my return includes:

  • T slips – T3, T4, T4A, T4A(OAS), T4A(P), T4E, T4RIF, T4RSP, T5, T5007, T5008
  • Benefit slips like RC210, (WITB Advance Payments Statement)
  • RRSP contribution receipts
  • Unused amounts for tuition/education/textbook credits and past losses.

It’s also a good idea to collect any receipts associated with deductions you will want to claim on your tax return, including RRSP contributions, child care receipts, and business expense receipts. Learn more about top missed deductions.

Step 2 – Make sure your information is up-to-date

If you’ve had any life changes recently such as your marital status, a new child, or if you’ve moved to a new address, it’s best to make sure the CRA is aware of these updates.

TurboTax will ask you simple questions about your life that will ensure all your information on your tax return is updated before you file online.

Step 3 – Find all the tax credits and deductions you can claim

 We know it’s not always easy remembering which credits and deductions apply to you personally. That’s why with TurboTax, we search over 400 credits and deductions automatically for you, so you can file confidently, and get to keep more of your hard-earned money.

 Step 4 – Submit your tax return to the Canada Revenue Agency

TurboTax is CRA NETFILE certified software, which means filing taxes online is secure, easy, and most of all, efficient.

Using our NETFILE certified software ensures your tax return will be securely submitted to the CRA directly, along with a confirmation once it has been received.

Keep yourself informed by making sure you sign up for a CRA My Account so that you can get your Notice of Assessment sent directly to you via email.

See how easy it is to file your taxes online?!

Step 5 – When will I get my refund?

If you sign up for direct deposit by entering your current banking information, you can receive your refund in as little as 8 business days. Filing your taxes online is faster than submitting your tax return by mail to the CRA, which may take up to 8 weeks to process.

You can also track when your tax return has been assessed and when your refund will be received through your CRA My Account

Step 6 – What if I owe money?

Don’t worry, TurboTax will let you know if you have any balance owing before you even file your taxes online through NETFILE, so you know where you stand.

If you want to pay your balance by credit card, you can do so through the TurboTax online software, either when you file or at a later date.

If you’d like to pay in another way, such as through online banking or pre-authorized debit, TurboTax will provide you with instructions for the method of your choice when you’re ready to pay your balance.

To avoid interest charges, make sure you pay any balance owing by the tax deadline, which falls on April 30th, 2018.

Filing taxes online with TurboTax is a secure, accurate and efficient way to get your taxes done.  You can get your taxes done quickly, make sure you get more than 400 credits and deductions you qualify for, and get your maximum refund, guaranteed.