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Four years running: Toronto Procrastinates the Most on Taxes

Wills and Kate, the Habs and Canucks, and a whole lot of electioneering going on: Canadians have plenty of reasons to put off filing their taxes. But no city in Canada embraces the excuses like Toronto, and Hogtown has taken the Procrastinating Cities title for an unprecedented fourth year running.

The challengers are coming on strong: Montreal made a dramatic leap from 9th to 6th on the list, while the western cities took most top places, headed by Calgary in second place overall.

And what part of the country doesn’t have time for excuses? Atlantic Canadians, and particularly those tax payers in New Brunswick, seem to want their refunds as soon as possible and are nowhere to be found on the procrastinators list.

The following list is based on the number of tax returns electronically filed via TurboTax Online (formerly QuickTax Online) between April 29-30, 2010:

1.            Toronto – New mayor doesn’t help – still Canada’s most tax procrastinating city!

2.            Calgary – Canada’s Second City of tax procrastination.

3.            Vancouver –  Left Coasters take third…let’s hope the Canucks fare better

4.            Edmonton – City of Champions shows propensity for procrastination

5.            Ottawa – Helps Ontario take the unofficial “Procrastinating Province” category

6.            Montreal – From outsider to contender. Like the Habs?

7.            Mississauga – Takes cue from Hazel and sticks around  (on our list) one more time

8.            Winnipeg – Put the Coyotes on a Jet, let the Red recede and file your taxes!

9.            Victoria – Lots of tax credit for newlyweds and retirees– why the delay?

10.          Surrey – Holding tight to our final spot.