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Happy Halloween! Strange and Scary Taxes from Around the World

Some of us find taxes scary, no matter what time of year it is. In celebration of the Halloween season, here’s our run-down of some strange (and scary) taxes from around the world.

Sweden: Baby Name Tax

You’ve likely spent all nine months trying to choose a baby name that both you and your partner can agree on. Well, imagine how hard the process might be if you needed approval from the CRA too! In Sweden, new parents are required to get the approval of the Sweden Tax Agency on their new baby’s name. Swedes who don’t get their child’s name approved can be fined up to 5,000 kroner! That’s almost $800 Canadian!

New York, U.S.A: Bagel Tax

If you’re visiting New York state and are watching your spending, reconsider whether you really need cream cheese on your bagel. In New York, state law taxes bagels that have been sliced and prepared with cream cheese or other toppings! To avoid that spooky fee, get your bagel to go; the taxes only applies when you choose to eat-in.

Denmark: Methane Tax

Cow flatulence is not something a lot of us think about but it can cost farmers in some European Union nations like Denmark and Ireland a pretty penny. Cows are among the top methane producers in the world, and can cost EU farmers a tax ranging from $18 to $110 per cow. Yikes!

Australia: Brandy Tax

If you have plans to relocate to Australia, you may want to pick a new drink of choice. In the land down under, beverages are taxed based on how “Aussie” they are. Since Australians seem to prefer beer, beer is taxed substantially less than spirits.

The exception to higher-taxed spirits? Brandy! Who knew Aussies weren’t brandy fans?