For many individuals, receiving a tax return refund is one of the biggest cheques they will get all year; the last thing you want to do is have to wait too long to receive it.  Though no one can control any processing hiccups at the CRA, or filing issues, there are ways for you to help expedite the process for yourself and make sure you are getting the best return possible.

  1. Sign up for CRA My Account: when you have CRA My Account access you have the ability to see notice of assessments and track your refunds right there online. If you don’t have one, don’t wait, get signed up today!
  2. Make sure you have banking information on your CRA My Account. To get your refund the quickest, direct deposit is the way to go.  Also, by having direct deposit details, any of the financial relief benefits being paid out, will go right into your bank account.
  3. Utilize an online tax solution, like TurboTax, to make sure your return is the most accurate it can be, and you’ve taken advantage of all deductions and credits you are allowed. Plus, by filing using TurboTax, the CRA gets your tax return immediately online and can start the review process right away.
  4. Make sure you are organized once you’re ready to file. By being organized and ensuring you have all the documents you need for credits and deductions, the process will go quickly and smoothly.
  5. Don’t let physical distancing get in the way of getting support for completing your taxes; there is no reason to feel alone in the filing process. TurboTax Live Full Service will virtually assist you by having a tax expert complete your tax return for you and submit it to the CRA.  You might not be able to get to the tax office, so let the tax office come to you.

Once you have completed your tax return and remitted it to the CRA, the return is processed based on the way it was submitted.  Online or digital returns are processed faster than the paper returns.  According to the CRA, when filing online using approved tax software, like TurboTax, you could receive your refund in as little as eight (8) business days!

You will receive a Notice of Assessment soon after your return has been received and processed.  This will advise you of any expected refund, or payment owing.  Use your access to your CRA My Account to monitor the progress of your return.

We’re Here to Support You

If the thought of trying to figure out all of your deductions or tax credits makes you a little unsure…we’re here to help. To make tax season as simple as possible, TurboTax has created solutions that work for all situations and preferences, including:

No matter your income or complexity of your return, you have an expert in your corner with TurboTax.