Manitoba Tax Brackets and Tax Rates 2019

Under the current tax on income method, tax for all provinces (except Québec) and territories is calculated the same way as federal tax. Form 428 is used to calculate this provincial tax. Non-refundable tax credits that are specific to a province are also calculated on Form 428.

Manitoba’s Income Tax Rates for the 2019 Tax Year:

  • 10.8% on the first $32,670, plus
  • 12.75% on the following $32,671 – $70,610, plus
  • 17.4% for the portion above $70,610

Your taxable income represents your total income minus federal deductions like the RRSP deduction and child care expenses. Like its name implies, it is the amount on which you pay income tax.

Manitoba Tax Credits, Deductions, and Rebates

  • Manitoba Child Benefit
    Those benefits are in addition to the Canada Child Tax Benefit.
  • Tuition Free Income Tax Rebate
    This rebate provides post-secondary education graduates with a 60% rebate on their eligible tuition fees once they begin working and paying taxes. In addition, Manitoba post-secondary students may be eligible to receive a 5% tax credit advance on their tuition fees while they are still in school.
  • Green energy
    Manitoba Hydro offers several programs for individuals and businesses. For example, there are Power Smart Savings, Rebates and Loans, the Residential furnace/boiler replacement program, and the Home Insulation Program.

Some Manitoba Tax Forms:

Provincial Tax Brackets

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