Everyone has a different comfort level with filing their taxes. If you’re confident in preparing your own return, you can probably do so without much help. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your tax situation, you may be struggling to even decide where to start. 

When using TurboTax products and services you have a few options to choose from:

Key Takeaways
  1. Filing taxes on your own can be quick and easy with our easy to use tax software on any device.
  2. You can receive one-on-one support from a tax expert while you file your taxes, to address any concerns and review your return before filing.
  3. Hand your taxes off to a tax expert and rest assured that your return will be completed on time, 100% accurately.

What’s the best way to file my taxes?

If you’re not sure what the best way for you to file your taxes is, answer the five questions below and find the best option for you based on your answers.

1. Doing my own taxes makes me feel…

A. Confident

B. A little nervous

C. Completely overwhelmed

2. If I don’t understand something I…

A. Figure it out myself

B. Ask for help right away

C. Ignore it and do something else

3. Filing a tax return…

A. Is easy peasy

B. Makes me feel in control

C. Stresses me out

4. Working with a tax expert during tax season…

A. Doesn’t give me much value

B. Would be good for me to learn more about taxes and answer questions while I file my return

C. Seems like a great idea and would ease my anxiety about taxes

5. My tax situation is…

A. Pretty simple. Nothing much changed from last year and I feel comfortable filing my taxes on my own

B. Somewhat different this year. I made some new money moves this year and have some questions I need help with

C. Very complex. I had some major life changes, have multiple sources of income and don’t know how all the pieces fit together

If you answered mostly A, our online TurboTax software will help you file your taxes quick and easy.

If you answered mostly B, our experienced team of tax experts are here to answer all your questions with TurboTax Assist & Review.

If you answered mostly C, you can have hand off your taxes to a tax expert to file for you with TurboTax Live Full Service

Filing your tax return on your own

If you’re super organized and feel confident about filing your own taxes, you can DIY your taxes with TurboTax Online anytime, anywhere. No matter what your tax situation is, TurboTax products are tailored for you to guarantee you get your maximum refund and keep more money in your pocket.

Super busy and always on the go? Just tap, type, and swipe your way through your taxes. Our TurboTax Mobile App is for you and can be used on any device you choose, phone or tablet, and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Take all the guesswork out of taxes

Just answer simple questions, and we’ll guide you through filing your taxes.

Need help from a tax expert?

If you’re a little unsure about filing your own taxes and want guidance along the way, TurboTax Live Assist & Review is perfect for you. 

From answering tax questions about your specific tax situation, one-on-one support to a thorough review of your tax return, with TurboTax Live Assist & Review you get to speak with a live tax expert who will help you with your taxes whenever you need it.

File with confidence

Get advice and answers as you go, with a final expert review before you file.

Have your taxes done for you by a tax expert

If filing your own taxes seems too overwhelming and you just want it off your plate, with TurboTax Live Full Service, a tax expert handles your tax return from start to finish.

We’ll match you with the right tax expert for your situation, from simple taxes to investor and self-employed returns. So you can be confident that your taxes are done with 100% accuracy and you’re getting the best outcome possible.

Let an expert take taxes off your plate

Have a dedicated tax expert handle everything, from start to finish.