Québec Tax Credit for Caregivers

What is the Québec Tax Credit for Caregivers?

Also called primary caregiver tax credit, it is designed to help people take care of elderly or disabled family members at home.

What conditions apply?

Finding more tax credits for your family. That's smart.

You can apply for the family caregiver tax credit if you were a resident of Québec at the end of the year and if nobody besides your spouse is claiming certain amounts related to you (click here for complete list).

How does the Tax Credit for Caregivers work?

In addition to those conditions, one of the following situations must apply to you. They are described here in very general terms. For complete details, please refer to this page on the Revenu Québec website.

1. You were a caregiver of a spouse who was a senior and who was unable to live alone:

2. You were a caregiver of an eligible relative who was living with you (you were housing an eligible relative); or

3. You were a caregiver of an eligible relative who was unable to live alone (you were cohabiting with an eligible relative).

In general, Québec residents can benefit from the provincial and the federal tax credits. However, your individual situation may make you eligible to one but not the other.