What is a Schedule 1 Federal Tax Form?

  1. The Schedule 1 Federal Tax Form or CRA Schedule 1 is used to calculate your net federal tax.
  2. You will also be able to claim your federal non-refundable tax credits, and to calculate the federal tax you have to pay on taxable income.

Does everyone use the same Schedule 1?

No. There are separate Schedule 1 forms for Québec residents and for non-residents of Canada.

What are non-refundable tax credits?

They are amounts used to reduce federal, provincial or territorial taxes to zero. They cannot be used to create or increase a refund, which means that you have to have income in order to benefit from them.

Non-refundable tax credits are listed on the federal Schedule 1. For example:

  • CPP or QPP contributions
  • Tuition and education amounts
  • Medical expenses
  • Disability amount
  • Caregiver amount
  • First time home buyers amount

What is taxable income?

It represents the income you earned from all sources minus your expenses.

How is the net federal tax calculated?

In most cases, it is your taxable income minus your non-refundable tax credits.  To see the common form (except Québec and non-residents), click here. For Québec and non-residents, click here.

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