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Tax Tip: Claiming Child Care Expenses

The Canada Revenue Agency allows you to claim child care expenses on your tax return.

This is money you have paid towards the supervision of your children while you were working or educating yourself.

Which child care expenses can I claim?

You may have daycare center costs, nursery schools, day camps or boarding schools.

You can claim babysitters or a nanny, if this is the case you will need to provide the CRA with the Social Insurance number (SIN) of the caregiver.

Keep all your receipts in case the CRA requests them later.

To claim these fees your hired caregivers, either through centers or personal, will have to provide you with a payment receipt which will include either a Business Number or a SIN for the individual.

What child care expenses cannot be claimed?

Please refer to this link to understand what you cannot claim as child care expenses.

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