Thinking about preparing your tax return and aren’t sure what filing option is best for you?

You’ve come to the right place. TurboTax for Tax Year 2022 is now available.

Whether you choose to do your taxes yourself, with some help, or hand them off to a tax expert– we’ve got you covered.

We specialize in three things: taxes, taxes and taxes. Every day. All year long. We’re on top of every change, optimization and nuance, so when tax season finally arrives, so does your best possible tax outcome.

All throughout the 2023 tax season, we’ll be rolling out new features and services to make your filing journey as simple, fast and secure as possible. Here is a sneak peek of the highlights (and there’s more to come)!

File your taxes with confidence

Get your maximum refund, guaranteed*.

What’s new with TurboTax 2022?

TurboTax Live Full Service

Seasoned tax experts with an average of 10+ years of experience are standing by to get your taxes done for you, from start to finish. They’ll prepare and file for you in as little as one day, so you can enjoy your refund faster.

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Verify your identity, faster

We take your security, privacy, and time seriously. With automated ID validation, you save time and protect your account from fraudulent activities when uploading your ID to TurboTax Live Full Service.

Get organized with a personalized document checklist

Tell us about your tax situation and we’ll curate a personalized tax checklist letting you know which documents you need to upload. Once you securely upload all your tax forms, your expert will take care of the rest.

Your expert does your taxes for you, in as little as a day

Have all your tax documents ready? Get connected to a tax expert immediately and they’ll get your taxes done for you, done right, and done in as little as one day.

If you’re waiting to upload any tax forms, you can book a future call with our experts to plan ahead and save time.

TurboTax Live Assist & Review

When you choose Assist & Review, you can file your taxes by yourself, without being on your own. With unlimited help and guidance, you’ve got a tax expert you can connect with whenever you want as you complete your tax return.

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Connect with a tax expert, faster

Whether you’re looking for help on how to use TurboTax, or have a specific tax question related to your return, we’ve made it easier to get the answers you need. Based on what you type in TurboTax, our product now seamlessly directs your question to the right person, either a tax expert or a TurboTax product specialist, so you can get the help you need faster.

TurboTax Online

File your taxes with step-by-step guidance, any time, anywhere, on any device. Answer easy questions about your life and TurboTax does the rest.

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Answer simple questions to complete your tax return

You don’t need to be a tax wizard to file your taxes by yourself. With TurboTax Online, answer a few questions about your life and we will add the right forms to your return and do the math for you. No matter what your tax situation is, we match you with the best TurboTax version for you and guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Report your cryptocurrency income and expenses easily

Whether you’ve invested in crypto through Coinbase, Kraken, or other exchanges, TurboTax Premier helps you report your cryptocurrency transactions on your tax return. Simply type ‘cryptocurrency’ in the search bar and TurboTax will take you to the right form to enter your amounts.

TurboTax Download

Stay on top of how your life changes impact your taxes

Got married or divorced? Had a baby? New job situation? TurboTax Download offers you a personalized Tax Kit with a range of resources written by our tax experts to help you make sense of how your life changes impact your taxes.

Get answers to your tax questions any time

Have questions on how to use TurboTax Download? We got the answers. Click ‘community’, type your question, and find help articles written by TurboTax specialists to guide you along the way.

Connect with a real tax expert right inside TurboTax Download

Need extra help? You can upgrade to Assist & Review to schedule an appointment with a tax expert. They’ll help you along the way, then look over your return before you file making sure nothing is missed.

How do I know which TurboTax product is right for me?

No matter your tax situation, we’ve got you covered. We match you with the best TurboTax option based on your life, needs, and preference on how much help you want while filing your taxes. There are four versions of TurboTax tailored to your needs:

 Ideal for
Free/BasicSimple returns, including employment income, RRSPs, dependents, student credits and COVID-19 benefits
DeluxeMaximizing credits and deductions with slightly more complex tax situations, such as medical expenses and donations
PremierInvestors with income from stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, rental property, capital gains and losses, and foreign income

Canadians with both personal and business income & expenses, including small business, side gigs, and anything in between


Your taxes are done right, any way you choose.

File on your own, with live help, or hand your taxes off to an expert.