Did you make big moves in 2023? Whether you got married, went back to school, launched a business, or literally moved to a new home, making moves could have an impact on your taxes. Fortunately when you file your taxes with TurboTax, we’ll help you get the best tax outcome possible. Make your moves, we’ll make them count.

Whether you choose to do your taxes yourself, with some help, or hand them off to a tax expert– we’ve got you covered.

We specialize in three things: taxes, taxes and taxes. Every day. All year long. We’re on top of every change, optimization and nuance, so when tax season finally arrives, so does your best possible tax outcome.

All throughout the 2024 tax season, we’ll be rolling out new features and services to make your filing journey as simple, fast and secure as possible. Here is a sneak peek of the highlights (and there’s more to come)!

What’s new or improved with TurboTax 2023?

TurboTax Live Full Service: 

Granular Tracker  

With TurboTax Live™ Full Service an expert completes your return from start to finish. 

It’s now easier than ever to stay updated on the status of your return. Follow along as your return is completed for you, with updates on your tax expert’s progress and get notifications if more information is needed to ensure your return is completed quickly and accurately.

TurboTax Live Full Service in Hindi

Get expert support, in Hindi. Moving countries is a big move – There is a lot to navigate as a new Canadian. Our Canadian-based tax experts can help get you the best returns possible for your situation. 

If you speak Hindi, starting this year you can be matched with a Hindi-speaking tax expert who will complete your return for you.

Get started with TurboTax Live Full Service in Hindi

How we’re continuing to make your experience better

TurboTax Online:


We have simplified the self-employed income experience by grouping and progressively revealing information relevant to you. This means you can file easier and faster without having to understand tax jargon and fields that don’t apply to you. 

25 or Younger Promotion

We know filing your taxes can be stressful. If you’re a Canadian 25 years old or younger we have a special promotion to take the stress out of taxes. Depending on your tax situation, you can file with TurboTax Online for $0 for simple tax returns or $15 for more complex returns (save up to 75%). Looking for additional help?  Get an extra perk where you can upgrade to TurboTax Assist & Review at no added cost so you can make sure you understand and learn how to maximize your refund and ensure it’s accurate, guaranteed. Get started and file for less! 

*For tax year 2023 products only. Filing must be completed by April 30, 2024, subject to change. Age is determined as of December 31, 2023. If filing a spousal return, both spouses must be 25 or under as of December 31, 2023. Excludes Premium Pack. 

Tax Changes

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) made a few major updates for tax year 2023 so we’re making sure you get your best possible outcome when filing your taxes! 

Tax Brackets and Contribution Amount Limits

One of the most important changes this tax season is that tax brackets and many contribution amounts and limits have increased to account for rising living costs and inflation. The adjustment upwards means that Canadians on the edge of a tax bracket might be shifted into a lower bracket this year and pay less taxes. TurboTax has been updated to make these calculations accordingly to ensure your tax return is accurate. 

Increased Basic Personal Amount to $15,000

The Basic Personal Amount, a non-refundable tax credit, fully exempts individuals with taxable income below this amount from federal income tax and offers a partial reduction for those with higher incomes. This means you pay less tax on the same income compared to previous years!  
COVID-19 Work-from-home Expenses

While you might still be able to take mid-morning showers if you work from home, you won’t be able to claim the $500 COVID work-from-home expense in your 2023 tax return. The Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit that offered temporary income support during the pandemic also ended and cannot be claimed for your 2023 taxes. 

Answer simple questions to complete your tax return

You don’t need to be a tax wizard to file your taxes by yourself. With TurboTax Online, answer a few questions about your life and we will add the right forms to your return and do the math for you. No matter what your tax situation is, we match you with the best TurboTax version for you and guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

How do I know which TurboTax product is right for me?

No matter your tax situation, we’ve got you covered. We match you with the best TurboTax option based on your life, needs, and preference on how much help you want while filing your taxes. There are four versions of TurboTax tailored to your needs:



Ideal for


Simple returns, including employment income, RRSPs, dependents and student credits 


Maximizing credits and deductions with slightly more complex tax situations, such as medical expenses and donations


Investors with income from stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, capital gains and losses, and foreign income


Canadians with both personal and business income & expenses, including small business, side gigs, rental property and anything in between


Your taxes are done right, any way you choose.

File on your own, with live help, or hand your taxes off to an expert.