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The TurboTax Mobile App Has Launched: File Your Taxes From Your Smartphone

TurboTax iOS Mobile App Has Launched

The Tax experts at TurboTax have created a mobile app to allow tax preparation using Canada’s most popular tax preparation software.

The TurboTax app is extremely easy to use, as well as very safe.  It is Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) NETFILE certified, which means Canadians have another TurboTax option available to help get income tax returns filed.

Canadians no longer sit in front of their computers and prepare their tax returns.  Canadians enjoy the freedom of being able to begin preparing their taxes whenever they want, and from wherever they want.  Given that fact, being able to complete tax returns on mobile phones made a lot of sense.

The mobile app allows Canadians, no matter where they are, or what device they are using, to work on different sections of their tax return, on any of their other connected devices, whether it’s on an iPad at night, or a desktop in the morning.

More and more Canadians are using their handheld devices to explore what is referred to as “Do it yourself” tax preparation options, like TurboTax, and that number is growing year-over-year.

Before the release of the TurboTax mobile app, Canadians who wanted to view, or do any tax-related work on their mobile phones had to “pinch and zoom” through the process because the content was not optimized for mobile devices.

The TurboTax app meets all of these needs – flexibility, ease of use, safety, accuracy and maximizing refunds – Free, Standard, Premier, and Self Employed versions are available on the app – making it more convenient for Canadians to do their taxes (or have TurboTax do them) from anywhere, anytime.


Benefits to the TurboTax mobile app:

  • It is very easy to enter your tax information on the go from anywhere – waiting for the subway, on the couch in the TV room, or in bed in the evening.  Where ever, whenever.
  • Seamless login experience allows you to access your taxes from any device – Get started on your mobile phone in the morning while waiting for transit, add some information in the evening from your iPad, then finish it off on the weekend on your laptop.
  • The same safeguards and security as all other TurboTax products – Which means all your information is safe, and secure and once you are ready to submit your return, the information goes from our secure environment to the CRA’s secure environment.

Where Can I Get It?

The TurboTax Mobile App is available for iOS and Android devices.  Download the app for free in the App store today!


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