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TurboTax is Your Ultimate +1 with New TurboTax Live Services

TurboTax Live combines the ease of use and technology of TurboTax software with a nationwide virtual network of credentialed tax experts. Two new options are available to make doing your taxes simple: TurboTax Live Full Service and TurboTax Live Assist & Review.

With TurboTax Live a tax expert will fully prepare and file your return, and with TurboTax Live Assist & Review, you can prepare your own return with TurboTax support and have it reviewed and optimized by a tax expert – all without leaving the comfort of your own home.

TurboTax Live Full Service and Assist & Review provide access to an expansive network of product and tax experts, who have an average of 17 years of tax preparation experience, so you get personalized tax advice and answers to specific tax questions. For even more support, you can also access TurboTax Smartlook™, a one-way video technology to quickly connect you to a live tax or product expert.  The service is available during business hours on-demand and you can also make an appointment to meet your scheduling needs.

Whether it is a life-changing scenario like the birth of a child, becoming self-employed, or retirement, factors change, and sometimes that can cause people to lose confidence in their tax filing ability. With TurboTax Live, you can get the extra help you need to give you the confidence that your taxes are done right and you are getting your maximum return.

TurboTax Live Full Service

With TurboTax Live Full Service you can get your taxes fully prepared, optimized, reviewed and filed by a TurboTax Expert. TurboTax Live Full Service includes year-round audit support for added confidence.

Also available is TurboTax Live Full Service Self-Employed, which is customized for self-employment and handles any situation where you may have both personal and small business taxes, making it ideal for freelancers, people with side jobs, and those having tax returns with multiple sources of income.

TurboTax Live Full Service is easy to set up with no visits or appointments, as you can set up your tax profile virtually through TurboTax’s highly protected site, then can take photos of documents and upload them easily.

From there, a TurboTax Expert will fully prepare your return on your behalf, making sure you get all the credits, deductions, and expenses you’re eligible for.

Finally, you will review your return over the phone with a TurboTax Expert to confirm you’re satisfied, and we’ll securely file the return directly with the Canada Revenue Agency. Once it is filed, you will receive confirmation via the protected TurboTax site.

TurboTax Live Assist & Review

Combining the ease of use and technology of TurboTax software with a nationwide virtual network of credentialed tax experts, TurboTax Live Assist & Review delivers confidence and expertise to living rooms across the country, on demand.

TurboTax Live Assist & Review lets you quickly connect with a live tax expert at any time during the tax preparation experience for personalized advice as you prepare your return, then our experts will review your completed return make sure you haven’t missed anything so you can file with confidence and get the best tax outcome. TurboTax Live Assist & Review also uses TurboTax Smartlook™ technology, a one-on-one product and tax support that allows you to connect on-demand to a TurboTax Expert via one-way video.

TurboTax Live options are available as upgrades with TurboTax online products, fees apply. TurboTax Smartlook™ is included in all TurboTax online paid products and includes access to bilingual TurboTax Experts.