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New user interface and navigation make TurboTax 2014 desktop product easier than ever to use

For the 2014 tax year, TurboTax has unveiled major improvements to the user interface and navigation of our desktop product that give you more control to prepare your taxes with ease and confidence.

The improvements let you know exactly where you are in your return, enabling you to see the progress you have made so far on your return, and how far is left to go.

Forgot to enter something or need to go to a previous section? Our new left-side menu makes it easy by showing the sections of your return along with slips and deductions associated with each section at a glance. This allows you to get anywhere you need to go within 2-3 three clicks, saving you time.

We’ve moved our help options to a consolidated top menu, with four easy options:

  • Help provides information on page specific in-product explanations and definitions,
  • Find lets you search for and go to sections of your return to make additions or edits,
  • Support gives you access to TurboTax support options including the online Support Site, Live Community, Live Tax Advice, Pro Review and Audit Defense.
  • Bookmarks enables you can tag areas in your return to go back to later

With the new Adjust Contrast option you can customize the screen to your viewing needs by choosing your font size and adjusting the level of contrast between the background and the font.

Investment income and expenses now easier to claim

Not sure how to claim bank interest, dividends, rental property and capital gains/losses? Our Standard, Premier and Home and Business versions now include improved investment profiling to simplify claiming your slip-based investment income and expenses. If you have non-slip based investments or expenses, our new ‘Guide Me’ feature available in the Premier version ensures you know what you have and how to enter it into TurboTax correctly.

What hasn’t changed

As always, TurboTax is tailored just for you. We get to know you and give you a customized experience that guides you through the story of your year. You only need to answer simple questions that relate to your unique situation and we’ll search though more than 400 deductions and credits to find those that apply to you based on your unique situation, so you can be confident you won’t miss a thing.

And when you use TurboTax year after year, it gets even easier. As a 
returning customer, we will automatically transfer last year’s data to help ensure accuracy and save you time.

If you’ve got questions, we’re here for you

It’s DIY, not do it alone. If ever you have questions about TurboTax, we offer several support options to help you. Through our online support site you can access product videos and FAQs, or talk to our product experts by phone or online chat. On the Live Community TurboTax employees and customers discuss the ins-and-outs of the product, and taxes.

TurboTax’s Live Tax Advice gives unlimited phone or chat access to tax experts who can talk you through your tax questions and give you personalized tax guidance. With Pro Review, you get the extra insurance of having a tax pro check your return for any money-costing errors or money-saving opportunities. And as even 100% accurate returns may get audited, Audit Defense saves you time and money.

When you do and file your taxes with TurboTax, you know that your return is right and you’ll get the maximum possible income tax refund. TurboTax guarantees it.

TurboTax desktop versions are now available online as well as at Staples and Loblaws grocery stores, and will soon be available at these top retailers.