We asked Canadians “What did you make this year?”

This year, blacksmiths and social media stars, the Blacksmith Boiz, made the foundations for the future of both their blacksmithing careers. 

Based in Mission, BC, Kaden and Logan met when they were kids and became friends when they started creating things together—and quickly discovered that they had a knack for it. As kids, the two used to tinker with scraps to make the tools they needed. Turning this into a hobby, they have now perfected the craft of transforming scraps into beautiful, functional tools.

They created the Blacksmith Boiz and share their personalities and passion for blacksmithing on their social media.

This story is a part of a series to highlight building a life that you’re proud of and honouring the lives that people make for themselves outside of their finances. 

To follow this series, click here to watch the rest of the collection. 

What did you make this year?

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