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You Can Still Get Your Taxes In On Time With TurboTax

Still haven’t filed your income tax for 2012?

The income tax deadline is tomorrow and you don’t want to file your tax return late.

But work, looking after the kids and getting all the chores done isn’t leaving you much time for figuring out your income tax and you sure don’t have time to be shopping for tax software.

So don’t.

Instead do your income tax the easy way.

Just go to the TurboTax website, pick the online edition that’s right for you and start getting it done.

You don’t have to drive anywhere to pick up a software package or even spend time downloading anything to your computer; it doesn’t matter if you have a Mac or a PC; all you need to do to get started is click the big ‘Start for Free’ button for the Online edition you’ve chosen:

  • Standard online – great for individuals, couples and families
  • Premier online – ideal for investors and property owners
  • Home & Business online – made for consultants and contractors
  • TurboTax Student online – designed for optimizing your student deductions

You ‘Start for Free’ because you don’t pay to use TurboTax online until you go to NETFILE your tax return. And TurboTax is completely free for Canadian taxpayers with only income to declare and students with annual household incomes of less than $20,000.

Being able to just plunge in and start getting your income tax done is only one way TurboTax expedites the process of getting your tax return done and filed.

Here are five more ways:

1) TurboTax uses an Easy-Step Interview process that asks you questions in plain language to guide you through the process of completing your tax return.

2) TurboTax does the figuring for you in many cases and places the results where they need to be on your tax return.

3) TurboTax has a review process that ensures that you don’t miss out on any of the 400 plus tax deductions you might be eligible for.

4) TurboTax is NETFILE certified by the Canada Revenue Agency and lets you NETFILE from directly within the program so you can get your completed income tax return filed with just a click. Learn more about using NETFILE.

5) And TurboTax guarantees that you will get the biggest refund you could possibly get (or pay the lowest amount possible.

So use TurboTax to do and file your tax return online and get it in on time to avoid tax penalties and get your refund as fast as possible.