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Can I Still Use NETFILE After the Tax Filing Deadline Has Passed?

UPDATE: On March 18, 2020 the Canada Revenue Agency Announced that the 2020 Tax Deadline in Canada had changed so that “For individuals (other than trusts), the return filing due date will be deferred until June 1, 2020.”

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If, for whatever reason, you miss the tax filing deadline which was applicable to you (April 30th, 2019 for general tax returns and June 17th, 2019 for self-employed Canadians), do not worry.

NETFILE is open until January 25th, 2019 for the electronic filing of 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 personal tax returns (T1).  It is open 21 hours-per-day, not open from 1am to 4am daily for maintenance.

NETFILE closes briefly from the 26th of January, until February 17th.

It re-opens February 18th, 2019 to allow for the filing of taxes for the 2018 tax year, so it stands to reason that until the CRA announces the date it will close, that the closing date will be into next year (2020).

If you’re a Québec resident, Revenu Québec also keeps the NetFile Québec service open after the tax filing deadline has passed.

If you are receiving a refund and still haven’t filed, you won’t be penalized for it.  If you owe money to the CRA, file as soon as you can because you’ll be paying a late-filing penalty and interest will be charged until you pay the money you owe.  The late-filing penalty for the CRA is 5% of your balance due plus 1% for each full month that your return is late up to a maximum of 12-months.

Self-employed individuals and their spouse or common-law partner still have until June 17th, 2019 to file their tax return; however if they owe the CRA they need to pay up by April 30th because interest starts accumulating on the balance on May 1st.   The CRA charges compound daily interest starting May 1st , 2019 on any unpaid amounts owing for 2018.

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